Proposed New Changes to Speed Camera Alerts and Devices:

Breaking News
- You may have heard the Channel 7 News recently that WA Police and Governments of Australia

Are proposing to change the Laws regarding the notification of Speed Camera Locations.

This means they will no longer publish the locations for Speed Cameras in the Local Newspapers or TV Nightly News.

What does this mean for YOU ... ?
... and the average Australian Motorist ....

It will most likely follow they will also Ban Devices that warn the motorist of upcoming Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras which means devices such as TomTom, Navman, Garmin Navigational systems with Speed Camera Alerts will also be banned. The reach may also stretch as far as banning the use of the popular WAZE Mobile Phone App which also discloses Speed Camera Locations.

- With Radar Detectors Banned
- Speed Camera Jammers Banned
- Using your Mobile Phone (Including Apps) Banned

And Possibly TomTom, Navman and Garmin Navigational Devices Banned along with WAZE App there is very little left to protect the motorist from getting Speeding Fines. Couple this with a proposed 3000% Increase in the Number of Speed Cameras and every Police Car to be fitted with In-Car Mobile Speed Camera there is literally no way to avoid getting a Speeding fine even if you are only Speeding for a brief moment.

If you think Country Roads will be the only opportunity to Speed you will be shocked to hear they will also be installed with Average Speed Cameras which means if you leave Perth and arrive in Bunbury ahead of time then the Camera System will recognize you have been speeding because you arrived faster than the 100km/h Speed Limit would allow which means you will receive a fine even if you never saw a Police Car or Roadside Speed Camera.

For all these reasons and proposed possible future Law Changes we have decided the only way to provide you with a product that covers all these regulation changes and still provides you with an effective means of avoiding the potential to get a speeding fine is to concentrate on the Speed you are driving at and warn you if you are driving above the speed limit for the road or area you are driving on.

Introducing Speed Alert PRO :

The ONLY 100% Road Legal Speeding Fine avoidance device available on the market in Australia!

The All New Speed Alert PRO will never be outlawed or banned because it focuses on informing you of the Speed your vehicle is travelling at (with Highly Accurate GPS Technology) and also the SPEED LIMIT for the road you are travelling on.

If you are driving above the Speed Limit for the area you are travelling on the Device will warn you.

Speed Alert PRO is the ONLY Device available on the marketing in Australia and BEST way to Legally protect yourself from Speeding Fines

If you're not Speeding you cannot get a Speeding fine, it's that Simple!

This is the Future of Speed Fine avoidance Devices. Doesn't matter if there's 1000 Speed Cameras hidden in the bushes or every police car has a mobile Speed Camera fitted to it, this device will save you!

Even the New Average Speed Cameras won't be able to Fine you because you won't be speeding!

If you're not speeding you won't get a speeding Fine, it's that simple!

The majority of times people get speeding fines is because they didn't know the speed limit for the area, they were distracted or their Speedometer is inaccurate. The all new SPEED ALERT PRO will fix all those problems and more, plus help you avoid getting a Speeding Fine!

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If you're forever getting fines and nearly lost your License then this is a Must Have! Especially for Truck Drivers, Taxi Cabs, Couriers, Tradies and anyone else who's always on the roads.

Driving with SPEED ALERT PRO will fix all those problems and more!!

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